Sam Jones (ossuarian) wrote in linucon,
Sam Jones

Linucon Post-Mortem Stuff

I want to, again, thank you folks for a really great convention.  I'm still feeling excited about this convention and its possibilities.  I wanted to throw out some ideas that I didn't think of during the feedback session:

  • I think it'd be really good to have a cluster of X-terminals that could run a web browser, a text terminal with SSH/telnet and maybe some low-load games.  The X-terminals could be low-level linux machines, dumb terminals or other machines running X.  I'd take the job of configuring such a cluster.  I won't do a very good job if I don't have help wrangling the machines and keeping them up.
  • I think it'd also be cool to have the Rooster Teeth people (the Red vs. Blue guys) back.  I think their new project, the Strangerhood, (a comedy made from edited footage from Sims 2) is going to be big by this time next year.  We should screen their stuff before we present them (I'm willing to take responsibility for making sure that can happen if I can get a projector).  Red vs. Blue has had over a dozen screenings at the Alamo, all at midnight, and they usually sell out, so I think the event might have a good draw.
  • Speaking of the Alamo, you managed to share two guests with them:  Jay Maynard and Wil Weaton.  If you planned that, damn you're clever.  If not, it's a lucky thing that probably helped you get guests.<>
  • <>I'm sure you get deluged with people's ideas for dream guests, but I'll inflict you with mine:  Randy Milholland, the creator of Something Positive.  He's from Texas, has a con attendance policy I've read somewhere, and he's a big fan of Steve Jackson, so I think he'd be pretty gettable.
  • Regarding the registration crash, maybe we could put any con-related software into CVS?  In my work experience, it's the best antidote to the single point of failure.
Let me know what you think of these ideas.  If I sound like I'm being critical, I'm not.  I fully realize that there's issues here I don't begin to realize, and I'm looking forward to hearing what those are.
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