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This page is haxor pig maintained?

Sorry, just trying to figure out what that means... (Is Reese calling herself a haxor pig? What IS a haxor pig? Related to the guinea pig, perhaps?)

It might be interesting to know that Linucon has a website at, and a news blog thingy at "". Now that Mark's back from europe, he says he can get that mirrored to livejournal, and I was going to create a livejournal community for linucon for that to be on, but as long as there already is one. I'm only a peripheral livejournal user myself. (I've got one, which I remember to update maybe once a week...)

We will be having a livejournal users meetup in the hotel restaurant at some point during the convention, but exactly when is still an open question. (Might be friday.)

Speaking of which, though, I should put links to all the various guest and concom blogs on the "guest" and "contact" pages of the website.

I'm neck-deep in doing the panel schedule right now, which I hope to have up by monday. (Not the actual schedule, but the current proposed panel list, finally integrated into one list...)

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