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Linucon 2.0 thoughts

I really enjoyed Linucon, despite all the problems and the fact that the con was...very small. Though I don't want to gripe, I wanted to set down some comments and suggestions that might help with planning for next year.

Con Suite--First rate, despite everything. There was always plenty of food and drink, and it was a good move not to discourage the guy with the guitar from hanging out there. My only comment about the food is that it would have been good to have a few more kinds of food that weren't extremely sweet, but since most of the con suite regulars wanted really sweet stuff, that's a microquibble. I'd also suggest scheduling a few more events in Con Suite--it might have been a good location for the Eye of Argon reading, for example.

Anime--I didn't find out there *was* an anime room until after the con. I know that was because of the hotel's about-face on whether we could tape signs to the walls, but if we have to put anime in an out-of-the-way place we need to clue everybody in on where it is. (Maybe a big sandwich board sign or easel by con registration?)

Gaming--The way I've seen gaming done at most conventions is that you ask some friend who's into gaming to bring 50-60 of his favorite games to the con (in boxes labeled with his name, of course), and have him/her and his/her friends babysit the gaming area. If you have a gaming GOH with his own gaming company, you can have him bring a bunch of games to the gaming area to hook people on... ur, plug. Either way, gaming usually works better if the only stuff you have to sign up for in advance is RPGs.

CosPlay--Went surprisingly well, considering the small field of competitors. Get One Hour Productions back next year! :-)

Panels--I thought there was a decent mix of SF-nal to technical stuff. What you could have used more of was panelists. Those will be easier to supply once you all succeed in nailing down a hotel early and advertising early, but it's important. Some panel ideas work okay if you have only one "panelist", but a lot of really good ideas need a mix of panelists in order to gel properly.

Dealer's Room--A nice mix of vendors, considering the small size. It would be nice to have another book dealer or two, though.

I'm really looking forward to 3.0!
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